After a career in publishing, Sophie launched Yodomo, an online marketplace for creative learning with the mission to increase people's wellbeing through crafting and making.



A passionate maker since childhood, Sophie spotted that there wasn't a marketplace that matched artisans, designers and artists with people keen to learn creative skills. So in 2018, she launched Yodomo, where craft and design fans can take online courses from a curated selection of inspirational maker professionals.





double trend

Yodomo will benefit from two major growth trends - craft and wellbeing. Consumers are looking for upskilling experiences and the wellbeing benefits of making are a desirable antidote to our hectic lives.


Making is a really important part of being human


start small

Sophie is a big advocate of developing a minimum viable product or 'MVP' before committing lots of funds to a start-up idea. Her advice is to always look for the smallest thing you can do to test your idea and to then refine it with feedback.

quotation-39627_640 copia2.png

What's the smallest thing that I can do now?...


brand champion

As a start-up founder, we have to be our brand's loudest champion. Sophie encourages us to get out there and represent our new start-up at networking events and with the media even if it feels awkward at first.

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You have to be a little bit shouty




Sophie believes the key trait that all founders need is perseverance and to 'just keep going' when you meet the inevitable bumps in the road. She encourages us to not get caught up in the small stuff and to step back regularly to see the bigger picture. 

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Perseverance is key


crowd funding

Yodomo has been successful in raising investment via crowdfunding. This is a great way to not only raise the money required to develop the marketplace but it is also a great strategy to build a community of investor fans who spread the word about Yodomo as well as use it themselves.

It's Your Time.

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