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Passionate about the beauty and sustainability of natural plant dyes, Nicola founded Madder, Cutch & Co, a hand screen print fabric company after a career in teaching.



After a career as a chemistry teacher, Nicola wanted to showcase the beauty and subtle colours of plant dyes and founded Madder, Cutch & Co - a hand screen print fabric company three years ago. Based in her incredible sewing 'shed' at the bottom of her garden, Nicola has built her company with sustainability at its core.





sustainable at heart

As a chemistry teacher, Nicola was aware of the non-renewable nature of synthetic dyes and the environmental impact they have. Sustainability was a founding principle for her business and from the start focused on creating a range of natural plant dyes.


People want to hear your story


start locally

Nicola has found value from building her profile in the local press. These articles were then picked up by national magazines who introduced Madder, Cutch & Co to a much wider readership.

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Start locally


customer insight

By attending tradeshows and craft fairs, Nicola was able to meet her customers face to face and get direct feedback from each one.

Not only is this valuable knowledge that will help her refine her product, it is also a powerful way to build customer loyalty.

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I discovered my customer was me!


stick with it

Rather than chasing a market, Nicola advises us to 'stick to what we believe in'. She tells us to hold steady and grow our business according to what we think and feel instead of jumping from one thing to the next.  

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Stick to what you believe in


creative control

After three years, Nicola has got a good sense of her customer and what they are looking for. She is keen to maintain creative control of the fabric prints and products she produces and is focusing on selling directly via her website rather than through third-party retailers.

It's Your Time.

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