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Founder of Farmers'



In her previous life, Nancy was an international correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and a contributor to the BBC reporting from all over the world including the break up of the Balkans and the Iraq conflict. 

In 2003 she moved to a Welsh hillside farm with her husband, Oxford University philosopher, Bill Newton-Smith. An idle thought about whether she would be able to grow a lavender hedge at the farm led to a field full of the plants and the beginnings of a skincare business.

The start of Nancy's entrepreneurial venture wasn't without challenge as the original range struggled to make headway for the first few years. Disheartened but not prepared to give up, the pieces fell into place when Nancy was invited to speak at a local event. She tentatively offered her products to the farmers present who enthusiastically told Nancy how they loved the creams and how good they were for their chapped hands. 

Their reaction inspired the creation of Farmers': A clear brand story that spoke to its birthplace, the craft of lavender farming and high potency products that were both functional & pleasurable. 

Over the next decade, Nancy built the business into a contemporary well-loved brand that is equally at home in the rolling hills of the Brecon Beacons as the hip Ace Hotel of Shoreditch.




it takes a team

Nancy credits much of the success of Farmers' to the extended family that formed around the business. From the friend who encouraged her to pitch products to the fashionable Ace Hotel and who they now supply with an exclusive range to the talented close-knit team gathered at Farmers' HQ. 



The team makes the difference


standout brand

Nancy's investment in the Farmers' brand has paid dividends in its ability to stretch from instantly recognisable packaging, to eye-catching stands at events, through to the beautiful design of the farm. A consistent and enjoyable experience for each customer who interacts with the brand.

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Likeminded brand partners


creative partners

Nancy and her team have worked hard to put together collaborations with artisans who share the same passion for well-made, handcrafted products. They include ceramic beakers featuring a tractor tread design, Farmers' workwear jackets and scent infused dark chocolate.

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A constant learning experience


constant adaption

While retail and hotel stockists have had to temporarily close, online has become the primary sales channel servicing repeat and new customers who have found Farmers’ through word of mouth and internet search. The new skin-soothing Hand Sanitizer has become a bestseller.

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New opportunities ahead


new outpost

Nancy is opening her first outpost, a shop in nearby Hay-On-Wye, home of the famous literary festival. The interior design will be another opportunity to bring the brand alive and showcase the team's creative skills - we can't wait to see what they do. 

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