Founder of Do Books, a series of inspirational pocket guides for creatives, entrepreneurs and makers.



Miranda founded Do Books after a career in the publishing industry including time with Penguin Random House. Her belief in the power of books to inspire positive change prompted a spontaneous email to the founder of Do Lectures, and her new independent publishing venture began.

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Note: The sound quality dips as we had to film in windy, noisy London central but Miranda persevered like the superstar she is. A big thank you to Miranda from us!





Miranda has a deep belief in the power of books to change lives. After coming across the Do Lectures, a series of talks that encourage people to 'do more', Miranda saw an instant opportunity for the Do brand to branch into book form. 


There was this driving force, where your instinct takes over.


stand out brand

Miranda invested time and resources to create a distinctive brand and contemporary book design. Do Books are instantly recognisable,  stand out on shelves and are products that retailers and distributors are keen to promote.

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As a founder, you have to say 'I like this' and I don't just like it, I REALLY like it, so much so I want to give it away for free!


audience insight

A deep understanding of her core customer and their desire for personal and skill development has enabled Miranda to create content that really resonates with her audience. Self-improvement is a growth trend that Do Books can harness and continue to contribute to.

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They're looking for change...to step towards a new direction.


loyal community

Miranda has intentionally focused on gradually building the Do Books community through their newsletter, social media and author events. A loyal audience keen to buy into the books series and reader events.

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Creative freedom with full control.


organic growth

Self-funded, Miranda has grown the business organically and now distributes Do Books through a network of international partners that she has built over time. Her goal is to keep expanding her audience reach while staying true to the brand proposition and community ethos.

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