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Marina Go is co-founder and editor of newly launched Tonic, an online lifestyle platform aimed at women 45 years plus.

The team behind Tonic had previously worked together 30 years ago at Australian teen magazine 'Dolly', well known for its frank tone and willingness to discuss all aspects of teenage life.

The team remained friends, and it was during one of their regular catch-ups that the idea for Tonic began to form. They felt that there was a gap for a media brand that could help and engage women going through the menopause and produce content that better reflected the unique challenges and opportunities of this life stage.

The launch of Tonic has been met with enthusiastic press and media coverage, excited to see the talented team unite.


You can sign up for the Tonic newsletter here and follow the team on social here.

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generation visible

Marina has a clear idea of her audience and calls them 'Generation Visible'. Women who are proud of who they are and who refuse to fade away. Tonic's mission is to recognise and honour these women with inspiring conversation and straight-talking information covering health, finances, style, self and culture.



We're proud of who we are


build gently

Marina is consciously building the Tonic audience gradually so that they grow the offer in line with what issues and topics their community is interested in. Currently, they connect via social media and a regular Saturday newsletter summarising the Tonic stories of the week. 

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We've had different journeys


diverse voices

Marina feels that too many media brands don't recognise the diversity of experiences women have had by midlife. The Tonic team want to capture as broad a representation as possible whether the highs & lows of relationships, becoming parents or not, career and lifestyle choices as well as attitudes towards ageing up.

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Provide a sense of belonging


create community

Marina feels that the Tonic team's previous experience building community around a media brand will be a competitive advantage and key to their success. They recognise that this life stage can be a lonely and isolating time for many women, and Tonic's remit will be to give them a sense of belonging.

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Explore a mix of commercial models


membership model

Marina is keen to explore a paid community membership offering members greater engagement and access to the Tonic team. Currently online but plans to bring the community together at events once we can meet safely.

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