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Kim is no stranger to entrepreneurship having previously founded a gift list site as well as running a University incubator programme supporting graduates to set up and run their businesses. Her latest venture is Perfino, a natural scent jewellery brand which she launches this November.

Kim's innovative product is a silver pendant containing a mini lava stone scented with Perfino natural essential oil blends. The brand has been three years in the making as Kim explored the best way to deliver a unique proposition with a robust business model. Her Perfino product does just that by appealing to both the fragrance and jewellery markets.

Perfino's guiding brand value is kindness. To the environment through the use of recycled silver for the pendant and sustainably sourced and ethically produced oils. To the customer via subtle scents worn off the skin that bring the wearer pleasure all day long. 

You can keep up with Perfino here and view the beautiful set here.

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clear ambition

Kim's mission is to grow Perfino into a leading international brand in this new scent jewellery sector. She sold an initial test run and now that she has proof of market, Kim can confidently approach investors keen to be part of the brand's next stage of growth.


A leading international brand


keep an open mind

The evolution of Perfino was a gradual development of ideas and business models which Kim researched until she found a proposition that really stood out and would capture her customer's imagination.

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Keep an open mind


commit to community

Kim is committed to building a community of fragrance lovers along the way and is keen to engage directly with her customers. It took her a little while to build up the courage to film, but she now regularly posts social videos explaining the provenance of the oils and her blending inspiration.

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Transparency is key


trust your gut

Kim is a big believer in the benefits of age when starting a business, including the invaluable lifetime of experience which gives you the confidence to trust your gut and take the leap. 

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Go with your gut!


embrace all feedback

Kim's advice is to be open to ALL feedback and to know that the negative comments are often the most valuable!

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