Founder of hair care brand White Hot and owner of marketing agency True Story.



Jayne founded her White Hot hair care brand in 2013 with the mission to help women feel good about embracing their natural hair colour, whatever their age.


The start-up launched with a capsule collection of six products designed to make grey and white hair look and feel great and today the company enjoys a loyal and engaged customer community who are keen advocates of the White Hot brand.

As well as her start-up, Jayne owns and runs True Story, a creative agency for retailers, brands and consumer-facing businesses. She joined the company in 2006 after a career heading up communications for Boots, the leading health & beauty high street retailer in the UK and bought the agency when the opportunity arose two years in. 

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Jayne recognised that there was space for a direct to consumer brand that celebrated women who wanted to embrace their natural hair colour. 

Rather than the tired messaging and design common to the grey hair category, White Hot stands apart with contemporary imagery and copy.


Bold & Cautious


sustainable growth

Jayne balances risk and opportunity to achieve sustainable growth across both her businesses.


Her mantra is 'beware of believing you've arrived' which has been a valuable mindset to deal with the inevitable ups & downs of startup life.

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Magic lies in the small steps.




Jayne advises that we need to define success on our own terms and that it's the small consistent steps towards our goal that makes the magic happen.

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Our authenticity is our competitive advantage.


brand community

White Hot has a thriving and engaged community which Jayne has nurtured from day one.

She credits the community and the authenticity of the brand as the key factors in achieving standout in a highly competitive sector.

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The best way to do it is to do it.



do it

Imagination and determination are the traits that Jayne feels have put her in good stead for running her businesses and references the Amelia Earhart quote as a great reminder that the most effective way to do it is to do it.

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