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Prior to starting her business, Jayne had a 15-year career with Molton Brown, travelling around the world and working with their hotel partners. It was during a work trip to Mexico, sipping a delicate tea in the lime blossom gardens overlooking an azure sea, that inspiration struck for creating a luxury fragrance brand. 


T-London was launched in 2016 and now features a range of beautiful room fragrances, candles, bath and body products that Jayne sells directly to customers via her online shop and also to luxury hotels and private member's clubs.

Travel remains the source of creativity for Jayne and each of her fragrances is inspired by the exotic tea blends Darjeeling, Dimbula and Yerba Mate from her adventures.




passion inspired

Jayne's love and passion for travel is at the heart of T-London.


She describes each scent as a 'travel memory expressed through fragrance' and believes aroma has the powerful ability to transport us to another place where we can pause and reset.


If only you could bottle this...


evocative stories

Jayne invests in carefully crafting stories for each of her fragrance blends.


The copy is rich in detail and the reader can't help but conjure up the landscapes and atmosphere that Jayne describes. A wonderful way to connect the imagination of her customers directly with her products.

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It's a mushroom effect


organic growth

Jayne has gradually grown her customer base through hotel partnerships, seasonal fairs and collaborations with like-minded brands. This approach is now paying off as initial customers gift and recommend T-London to others and those who discovered the scents during their hotel stay want to continue to enjoy them at home.

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Surround your self with good people


support network

Building a network of trusted suppliers, fellow founders and advisors has been integral to the growth of T-London.


Jayne credits her 'family tree' of support with helping her resolve difficult challenges, discover opportunities and reach new audiences.

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Let the brand do the talking


brand commitment

Jayne's commitment to high-quality sustainable ingredients and production are core to T-London brand ethos.

New developments include fully recyclable plastic bottles and labels as well as the option to refill.

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