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Founder of JK Sales Consultancy



Jane started her own business consultancy in 2018 after 27 years working for major corporations in senior sales roles. Working her way up in typically male-dominated environments wasn't without challenge but Jane let her work speak for her and was soon promoted into leadership roles early in her career.

She now uses this vast experience and expertise to help her clients develop successful sales strategies and build productive and engaged teams.


She is a vocal advocate for working women who may be facing difficulty when going through the menopause and the impact it can have on their confidence levels and career choices. As part of her consultancy offer, she works with organisations to increase awareness and to put in place better support measures in the workplace.




on your terms

Jane is a big believer in midlife being a time when women get into their stride.


Her decision to start her own consultancy was inspired by the desire to explore working on her terms and choose where she focuses her time and energy.


It takes you out of your comfort zone




Jane was inspired by Shonda Rhime's 'Year of Yes' and adopted the philosophy herself. This has led to new opportunities and adventures and has been central to expanding both her business capability and self-confidence.

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Just concentrate on the step in front of you


step by step

Jane warns against the dangers of overthinking a new venture and counsels us to focus on making progress step-by-step.


In this way, we reduce the overwhelm of what could be and concentrate on the practical actions we can take right now. 

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Selling is a human & emotional process


to sell is to be human

Jane believes that selling is a very human and emotional process. Taking time to fully understand your customer and identifying what your product could help them with is essential. Win/win for you and your customer and an approach that leads to repeat business and loyalty.

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Feel the fear and do it anyway!


feel the fear

Meditation and tools gained as a certified professional coach help Jane to quieten her mind and recognise the noise and doubt the brain conjures up when faced with change.


Her advice to those starting out is to know we'll feel this fear but to forge ahead anyway!

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