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Founder of Graham St.



Graham St is a brand consultancy and blog dedicated to ageless style featuring Hannah and her mother Sue MacLeod as the main models. 


Hannah founded the company in 2017, working closely with her long time friend and photographer Alex Mooney. Working as a stylist for 14 years, Hannah saw that retailers and advertisers did not seem to have an interest in women over 40 and that a significant proportion of women were being underserved when it came to style choices and inspiration.

The seed for Graham St was planted and Hannah began to style and publish simple contemporary looks modelled by her and her mum.

The start up's energy and enthusiasm for closing the generation gap in fashion instantly resonated and Graham St soon caught the attention of global brands such as Arket, Toast and Jigsaw.

You can be tempted by Hannah's styling here and sign up to the Graham St newsletter for new post alerts here.




a definite purpose

Graham St's mission to close fashion's generation gap is clearly communicated through their imagery and copy.


New users are instantly clear about the ageless style proposition and what to expect by becoming a subscriber.


Closing fashion's generation gap


a distinct aesthetic

The photographic style is also distinct reinforcing the eye and confidence of the Graham St brand.

Contemporary and dynamic it stands apart from the traditional imagery associated with fashion editorial aimed at older women.

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Just dip your toe in...


listen to feedback

Listening to customer feedback has been central to how Hannah has grown the business and helped them to adapt and evolve Graham St in line with its community. Her advice to new founders is to dip your toe in and get into a dialogue with your potential customers as soon as possible.

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Style Not Age


style not age

Rather than taking a position on styling for older generations, Hannah wanted to reinforce the proposition that age is inconsequential when it comes to fashion. In doing so they attract fans from every decade linked by a shared appreciation of the Graham St aesthetic.

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Brand partner values have to be aligned


brand selection

Hannah has been careful to ensure that each brand partnership is aligned in terms of values and aesthetic.


This may mean turning down revenue in the short term but will pay dividends long term by protecting the value of the Graham St brand.

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