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Fiona was inspired to found Drift after moving to the windswept coastal village of Tarifa on the Costa de la Luz of Spain with her family in 2007.

Using sea glass combed from the beach, Fiona lovingly recycles each find into a beautiful and wearable piece. Every sea glass is unique in colour, shape and luminosity dependent upon its origin which imbues her jewellery with a captivating sense of wonder.

Now back in the UK near the Suffolk coast, Fiona sells her collection direct from her website, via craft & design fairs and through select retailers such as Designers Guild, a renowned design shop in the UK.

Before Drift, Fiona was a journalist and also started her own PR agency specialising in interiors. Both experiences built valuable skills that Fiona uses in her business today.

You can view Fiona's collection here or if you would like to commission a one-off piece you can contact her directly here.

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organic growth

Fiona's business grew from her own love of beach-combing for sea glass and experimenting with creating a unique piece of jewellery from each find.

Through word of mouth, attending design & craft fairs and supplying select shops, Fiona has organically grown a loyal and appreciative customer base.


It's an evocative thing


emotional connection

Sea glass evokes the deep emotional connection that many of us feel towards the sea and nature.  

Each piece has its own history and aesthetic which lends a unique meaning and significance to each customer's purchase - whether gifted or to wear themselves.

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Being part of a passionate community



of interest

Fiona is part of a dedicated international sea glass community who share their finds and their knowledge with each other.  


A valuable source of information and support covering the possible origin glass, grade and colour of each piece.

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I learn how to improve from others


continual learning

Curiosity and a desire to keep learning have been central to how Fiona has built her business; whether teaching herself the skills needed to make her initial pieces or discovering new business ideas or strategies to try from others in her community . A valuable trait for any founder.

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I love the personal contact




Fiona values the personal connection that she is able to provide and enjoy via her business.

She is keen to maintain Drift as an artisan business so that she can keep this personal touch at the core of her brand.

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