Founder of Write It Down!, a company offering therapeutic writing and mindful meditation workshops and retreats.



Elaine founded Write It Down! in 2011offering writing and mindful meditation workshops to private groups and businesses.


During her workshops, Elaine guides attendees through the process of writing down their life and in doing so rediscover their creative imagination and benefit from the emotional and psychological rewards of therapeutic writing. The testimonials from her retreats are amazing with people leaving feeling re-energised and with a fresh perspective on life. 

Alongside Write It Down!, Elaine runs evening writing salons and writes for national titles such as The Telegraph, The Guardian and Women & Home.


You can find out more about her remarkable Spanish retreats here which combine her workshops with good food, wine and the beauty of the Andalucian countryside or if you are interested in an online Write It Down! session, you can contact Elaine here.

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Write It Down! has a distinct proposition that sets it apart in the creative writing category.


Elaine saw that other brands focused on improving writing skills whereas her workshops and retreats encourage reflective and therapeutic writing.


Be honest about what your passion is.


multi channel

Elaine has grown her business organically through customer word of mouth, being active on her social media channels and by guest posting on well-trafficked blogs such as 'That's Not My Age' which has a similar audience profile to Write It Down! attendees.

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Word of mouth has grown the business


creative collaboration

Creative collaboration is central to Elaine's outlook.


Whether new brand partners such as fashion brand TOAST, new business or private customers, she believes the benefits are much greater when all parties contribute to the outcome.

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are a collaboration.


ageless attitude

Elaine is a champion for having an ageless attitude in life and not to let limiting beliefs about what's possible at certain life stages get in the way.


This goes hand in hand with her philosophy of no regrets and to pursue what you're really passionate about. 

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I don't take age into consideration




Yoga and Nordic Walking are Elaine's go-to activities to keep flexible and her energy levels up.

She is also a long term practitioner of mindfulness meditation which has helped boost her emotional resilience. A practice that many of the featured founders on Knowso advocate.

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