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Stuck on what birthday present to get for a mutual friend, Belen and Delfina decided to create a unique gift box inspired by his interests. To their surprise, it was a big success, and the idea for creating Rabbit Boxes together began to form.

Two years later, Rabbit Boxes has established itself as a premium gift box business in Argentina with a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. During that time, Belen and Delfina have developed a range of themes to include culinary selections, interior, mother & baby and personal development boxes.

They operate as both a retail location and online business. In the showroom, customers can view the different options as well as make their own Rabbit Box.

Both Delfina and Belen are highly encouraging about starting a business later in life. They feel they are more daring than they were in their 20s, have a clearer idea of what they want and have a stronger sense of their capabilities. Amen to that!

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aligned partners

Delfina & Belen view the success of the business as a direct consequence of the success of their partnership.


They support each other practically as well as being aligned in where they want the business to go. 



Aligned in our vision


word of mouth

Instagram has been a successful channel, showcasing the quality of the offer but Rabbit Boxes has grown primarily through word of mouth as happy customers tell others about the box they've received and

recipients pleased with the experience also turn into buyers. Win, win.

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Gifts with meaning


creative curation

Both founders have a passion for seeking out high-quality products and believe it is their creative curation that sets them apart.

They know that part of the fun of receiving a gift box is discovering new brands and they research original products to keep the experience fresh.

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Curation sets us apart


attention to detail

Each Rabbit Box is put together with careful attention to detail from the beautiful packaging to the carefully selected contents. 


Belen & Delfina know that it's the thoughtful touches that make for a memorable experience and one that the recipient will want to share.

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We love the pleasure each box brings


invest in growth

As the business has grown, Delfina & Belen have added to their operations team so they can focus on the creative direction of the company and spend time exploring new territories for Rabbit Boxes.

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