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Co-Founder of Make (Good) Trouble, a social purpose media production company.



Make (Good) Trouble is Daisy's second start-up after a successful career in the digital and TV industries. Her first business specialised in social strategy and management for well-known TV shows and personalities and just as she turned fifty, she co-founded Make (Good) Trouble with her sister Tayler.


Based in Brighton, Make (Good)Trouble is a media production company that works with teenagers to produce their stories about the issues so many of them are facing today such as mental health, device dependency, body image and self-harm. Launched two years ago, the start-up has developed radio shows for the BBC and a series of documentaries for TV distribution.

In her video Q&A, Daisy explains the inspiration for her start-up, talks candidly about the challenges of funding a social purpose business and shares her experience from working with large communities and high profile brands.





meeting a need

Daisy was driven to start Make (Good) Trouble when she realised how many teens including her own daughter were struggling with mental health and emotional wellbeing and the lack of resources available to help them and their families.


Giving them a voice and telling their stories.


clear mission

Make (Good) Trouble is a media production company with a clear mission to equip and support teens to tell their stories via radio shows and TV documentaries.


Their goal is to raise awareness of the issues early before problems with mental health arise.

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Who is going to help you make the dream a reality?


essential network

For Daisy, building a network is a critical requirement for getting a business off the ground and has been instrumental to the success of Make (Good) Trouble in accessing grant money and delivering high-quality productions.

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The plan never goes in a straight line.


direction of travel

Daisy stresses that it's important to know that things never go exactly to plan.


She recommends that instead of getting caught up in a set strategy it's more useful to be clear about your direction of travel but flexible about how you get there. 

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Love Yourself.




Daisy underlines the importance of physical fitness to boost energy levels and help keep the plates spinning.


Her rally call to all future founders is to prioritise self-love and that "starting a company is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do!"

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