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Community Power Up

Starting up your own business or making the leap to a new stage in your life isn't without challenge. Figuring out the right route for you, navigating the best approach, staying motivated and resilient while doing so can be a big ask especially if you're starting out on your own.


That's why we wanted to create the Next Act online community to provide you with both the practical and emotional support to super fuel your new start. You will get exclusive access to a monthly teaching programme of expert knowledge and gain from being part of a community galvanised by the same aim as you:

Benefits of the Next Act Teaching Programme

  • Monthly live Q&As with founders who have been there and done it. They will share their experience from start-up strategies to practical how-tos

  • Weekly expert interviews to keep you abreast of latest business developments and best in class tactics

  • Access to learning material and resources that you can do in your own time, including the Next Act PIVOT foundation course - a series of video tutorials to help you identify, plan and prepare for your next act 


Benefits of the Next Act Community

  • Gain from each other's experiences and share best practice

  • Get practical feedback and brainstorm opportunities with like-minded women

  • Make connections and build networks, including offline meetups and social get-togethers

  • Alert each other to up & coming trends or new consumer behaviour to take advantage of 

  • Be each other's accountability partners to stay motivated and avoid the procrastination trap

  • Be part of a community who gets it, that you can lean on and will cheer you forward 


All are welcome - founders and would-be founders. Even if you're not sure starting a business is for you being part of the Next Act community will help you think through what you want from the next stage in your life and equip you with invaluable skills and the motivation to make it happen.

If this sounds like a community you would like to be part of, we'd love for you to join. Enter your email for the waitlist, and we'll let you know when we're ready to open registration early 2020.

mosaico foundersUK-LATAM16-10_edited_edi

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