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Cookie Policy

The Knowso site uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. This means that we can improve the experience we offer you and allows us to tailor content to you.

By continuing to browse the  site and Knowso properties you agree to our use of cookies in the following way:

1) Operational: Cookies that enable the safe and efficient working of the site including transactions and logging in

2) Performance: Cookies that enable us to analyse how the site is used so we can improve and enhance the experience

3) Functional: These cookies allow us to deliver a personalised experience and remember your preferences

4) Targeting: These cookies record your visit to the site, the pages and services that you use and the links that you follow. We use this information to make sure the advertising and marketing we show you are relevant. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose. Please note that third parties may also use cookies over which we have no control. 

Our site may also use other technologies with similar functionality to cookies such as web beacons or tracking URLs to obtain data about users including in our messages to you to determine whether you have opened specific messages or linked through to certain content.

If we change this Cookie Policy, we will let you know via email and by updating this policy.

If you do not agree with our Cookie Policy, your only option is to stop accessing our site.

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