Annie is the founder of BLAST, a 21-day online fitness programme of exercise and nutrition to help her customers reset and get their self-confidence back.



Annie launched her online Blast Plan programme as an extension to her training and body conditioning classes. A huge advocate for fitness to promote physical and mental wellbeing, Andrea launched Blast to reach and support a much wider audience across the world. 

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For Annie, exercise and diet are not just about getting fit and losing weight. Her driving passion is to help us understand how keeping active and learning about nutrition can boost our self-esteem and reset our outlook on life.

Climb the next step into a new life.




Annie produces and films her exercise videos. Her presenting style is warm and encouraging, with lots of amusing banter with her co-host Aaron.  This personal approach makes her brand feel highly accessible and is a big part of the appeal.

They feel looked after, and that's exactly how I want them to feel.


personal investment

Each customer of the Blast programme receives a daily email from Annie, not only educating them about nutrition and exercise but also talking about what's going on in her life.  This helps her to build a valuable rapport with her customers who feel more invested in her and their progress.

You have to throw yourself out there and sing it from the rooftops!


self promotion

Annie finds marketing one of the biggest challenges, although she has had great success in getting national UK press coverage for the Blast book. She mainly focuses on social media to build her audience and has brought in extra help to support her with this.

Do your research, be bold and have a go.


no regrets

Although Annie is open about having moments of self-doubt, she balances this with an understanding that you have to keep the fear in check and be bold. A bigger fear for her was not trying and living with regret.

It's Your Time.

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